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Learning the Ropes

  • Introduction
  • Destinations
  • Crew Housing
  • Reputable Yacht Crew Housing List
  • Crew Agents
  • Reputable Crew Agents List
  • Networking
  • CV / Resume Construction
  • Crew Contracts
  • Learning The Ropes Quiz
  • Networking Hotspots

Working On Board

  • Types Of Work
  • Dress Code
  • Your Health On Board
  • Couples Positions
  • Visa Info
  • Salaries / TIP$
  • The Captains Job
  • The First Mates Job
  • The Steward/ess Job
  • The Engineers Job
  • The Chefs Job
  • The Bosuns Job
  • The Deckhands Job
  • Other Jobs Available
  • Working On Board Quiz

Yacht Knowledge

  • All About Yachts
  • Rules Of The Road
  • Types Of Yachts
  • Yacht Layout
  • Flags
  • Terms and Phrases
  • Watch Keeping
  • Radios and Terms
  • Yacht Knowledge Quiz

The Deck Department

  • Getting Started
  • Wash Downs
  • Metal Polishing
  • Varnishing
  • Painting
  • TEAK
  • Buffing / Waxing
  • Tenders & Toys
  • Knots & Lines
  • Anchoring & Mooring
  • Crane / Davit Operation
  • Basic Deck Products
  • Deck Department Quiz

The Steward/ess Department

  • Getting Started
  • Service
  • Serving Tip #1
  • Serving Tip #2
  • Serving Tip #3
  • Table Setting
  • House Keeping
  • Flower Arranging 101
  • Laundry
  • Guest Care
  • Basic Interior Products
  • Steward/ess Department Quiz

The Deckhand Final Exam

  • 30 Question Exam, 75% to Pass

The Steward/ess Final Exam

  • 30 Question Exam, 75% to Pass

Quizzes and Exams

Each individual section has its own quiz to help ensure that you have taken in the information learned through out the course. You will be given the option to take the Deckhand Exam, the Steward/ess Exam or both if you like. The exams are 30 questions each with a 75% answered correctly to pass.

About Your Instructor

EJ Jansen

EJ Jansen

Yacht Master 200GT Captain

EJ has had a passion for yachting every since childhood, it has been his life ambition to cruise around on the world, and once he turned 21 he did everything in his power to make that possible.

When he first joined the yachting industry 8 years ago, he found that there was really no valuable yachting information on the internet. He tried looking for anything to show him the real crucial aspects one needs to know to excel in a career as a yacht crew member, with little success he found nothing substantial.

So he went about it and made it part of his life mission to help people discover this amazing career choice and to dedicate his time to aid others on their pursuit in finding their place in this industry.

He remembers how hard it was for him to break into the yachting lifestyle; the mental change that one must go through to adapt to the new work schedule (no more 9 - 5) and the skills, terminology, seamanship and networking functions that are so crucial from separating you from the 1000's of other candidates looking for their first break into the industry.

EJ has experienced the yachting lifestyle from so many angles; from working on a super fast 120ft gas turbine jet yacht in the mediterranean, to cruising the Bahamas and Caribbean on multiple charter yachts ranging from 150ft - 190ft, to working on as big as a 248ft yacht cruising the San Blas Islands to starring in a yachting television series. He has worked with crew from all walks of life, and he has hired, trained and coached many crew members into positions they now cherish. 

If your serious about a new lifestyle change, an exciting, fun and high paid career as a super yacht crew member, take your first steps with EJ and his team today and learn all it takes to live the yacht life!


Skills You Will Learn

Terminology Lingo

Resume building


Rules Of The Road

On The Job Skills



This was the best course I've ever taken in my entire life.
Cathy Wilson Stewardess
This course was a game changer for me! I can't thank EJ enough for his in depth guides and knowledge.
Emanuel Werson Deckhand
Coming from the cruise ship industry, I thought the skills I learned there would transition over to the yachting industry...I was completely shocked how different it is, and how much better it suits my lifestyle!
Sidra Bathar Stewardess


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Bonus Material

Yacht Crew Agent List

Top Reputable Crew Agents Of The World

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We have documented all the leading crew agents, that actively find employment for thousands of yacht crew yearly. Your time is very valuable, and we want you to use it where you will get the best results.

Yacht Crew House List

Top Reputable Crew Housing Accomodations

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We dont wan't you to end up in some dodgy crew house, full of bed bugs and alcoholics, so we have documented the best and safest crew houses around the world.

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